I started wearing D&G in 1998, shut up! – Osebo goes raw on Firestick

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Ghanaian entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast, Osebo The Zaraman, who is also the ex-partner of renowned broadcaster Nana Aba Anamoah, has vehemently defended his reputation in the fashion industry.

Osebo, popularly known for his flamboyant and distinctive style, particularly for his love of wearing skirts, asserted during an interview on Hitz FM that he has been adorning himself in designer wears, particularly Dolce & Gabbana (D&G), since 1998.

The entrepreneur’s claim is in sharp contrast to the allegations made by Firestick, challenging the authenticity of the designer items he wears and sells.

In the interview, Osebo passionately defended his wardrobe choices and asserted that it is virtually impossible for anyone, including fashion experts or the designers themselves, to definitively identify the authenticity of an item solely based on a photo.

He dismissed the accusation of selling fake designer wears, stating, “Not even the designer himself, not even Versace, nobody can do that with the image, you are a big liar.”

Osebo The Zaraman emphasized that even on the official websites of designer brands like Versace, there are disclaimers acknowledging the challenges of authenticating items from a distance.

He challenged the notion that one can easily spot counterfeit designer items solely from images.

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