It feels bad listening to the songs I wrote based on emotions – Rex Omar

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Rex Omar, the illustrious figure behind the stage name Rex Owusu Marfo, has provided a glimpse into his songwriting process, revealing that certain compositions were born out of deep emotional experiences.

During an insightful interview with Amansan Krakye on Property FM in Cape Coast, the esteemed Highlife veteran shared his perspective on crafting songs that resonate with the heart.

In the conversation, Rex Omar candidly acknowledged that he has penned songs inspired by a range of emotions.

The veteran musician went on to express a sense of introspection, revealing that revisiting some of these emotionally-driven compositions brings forth a tinge of regret

His reflections on the creative process highlight the depth and authenticity that artists often infuse into their work.

“I have so many songs that I wrote based on emotions and later on when I listen to it I ask myself that what stupid thing have I done,”

“So I put those songs somewhere and sometimes I play those songs and listen to it a bit but sometimes I do clear some of the lyrics.

Sometimes, something might be bothering you and the only way to get it out of your chest is to go to the studio and that’s when your creativity becomes more.

“Recording the song in the studio is one and putting it out there is another so these are some of the things,” he concluded.

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