It’s better to promote your music on TikTok than to go to Nigeria – Bulldog argues

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Artiste manager and entertainment pundit, Bullgod, is advising Ghanaian musicians against succumbing to the misconception that promoting their music in Nigeria is essential for international exposure.

Instead, he advocates for prioritizing the promotion of their songs on TikTok, emphasizing the platform’s extensive reach, broader audience, and superior opportunities.

Bullgod’s perspective is a response to a proposal by Nigerian promoter and broadcaster, Adesope Olajide, encouraging Ghanaian musicians to select Lagos as a secondary location for promoting their songs.

However, Bullgod dismisses this suggestion, asserting that the internet offers a more effective platform for creatives to showcase and market their work globally.

In addressing the current landscape, Bullgod remarks, “This is 2023; no one should insist that we must go to Nigeria to promote music. We won’t go to Lagos. There’s no need for that in this digital age”.

Detailing his stance, he continued that “The internet is crucial; we realized its significance, especially during the peak of the coronavirus. Going to Lagos is outdated. After releasing a song in Accra, the next step should be the TikTok office.

He concluded that “if you have the budget for promotion, invest in the TikTok office and leverage its potential.”

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