I disagree with critics who claim we’ve lost our sound – Samini states

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Renowned Ghanaian recording artiste, Samini, has emphatically expressed his disagreement with the prevailing sentiment that suggests Ghana has lost its musical identity.

The Reggae and Dancehall musician, who has been actively contributing to the industry for the past two decades, firmly stands by the assertion that the essence of Ghanaian music remains intact.

In a recent interview on Property FM, Samini conveyed his perspective on the matter.

According to the artist, his musical style, often referred to as “Samini music,” has remained consistent over the years.

Contrary to the belief that contemporary Ghanaian music has veered away from its roots, Samini emphasized the enduring nature of his musical compositions.

He suggested that a careful listen to his current songs would reveal a continuity with the musical essence he established in the past.

“I don’t think we’ve lost our sound, so I don’t share the same sentiments or views,” Samini declared during the interview.

Samini’s remarks contribute to the ongoing discourse about the evolution of Ghanaian music and the balance between embracing global influences and maintaining a distinctive local sound.

As an influential figure in the industry, Samini’s perspective adds depth to the conversation, encouraging a nuanced understanding of the dynamic landscape of Ghanaian music.

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