I’ve 17 Tattoos – Popular Musician Reveals

If you have ever wondered why a single human being will want to have a whopping seventeen tattoos for, then hold your breath since musician Ara B, known in real life as Rashad Sfarijlani, a former hypeman for Shatta Wale has the perfect answer for you because he has just that number on his body.

According to him, the decision to have seventeen tattoos on his body is for the simple reason that he loves artwork so much and as such, he gets very happy whenever he takes his clothes off.

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The ‘Fala Fala’ singer also added that every single tattoo he has on his body has a particular message that means a lot to him. He revealed that he has a special tattoo of his son on his chest which he loves so much, because of the feeling he gets any time he sees it.

Watch the video of Ara B taking about his seventeen tattoos below:

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