“I’ve fought so many spiritual battles since I moved to Ghana; it wasn’t the case in Germany” – Wendy Shay alleges

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Wendy Shay, the talented artist signed to Rufftown Records has recently opened up about her experiences since relocating from Germany to pursue her music career in Ghana.

During an interview on the Day Show with Berla Mundi, she candidly shared that her journey in the Ghanaian music industry has been accompanied by an unexpected increase in spiritual challenges.

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Prior to her move to Ghana, Wendy Shay mentioned that she lived a relatively trouble-free life in Germany, devoid of any significant spiritual battles.

However, upon arriving in Ghana and delving into her musical endeavors, she began encountering these spiritual hurdles.

In her heartfelt account on the show, Wendy Shay disclosed the unique challenges she has faced and how they contrasted with her experiences back in Germany.

“Growing up in Germany, you don’t really see spirituality like that but when I came to Ghana, obviously, I faced a lot of spiritual battles,” she disclosed.

The “Habibi” singer continued saying that “It’s normal everywhere. Music itself is a spirit. What is so special about me that people will like to come and watch me perform. There should be something that is beyond me that is actually making that happen.”

Wendy Shay, who has now found her footing in the industry, and is ready to live her purpose fully, added saying;

It has made me know who I really am. I know I always wanted to do music but knowing your purpose and living a purpose-driven life is different and that is what I am right now. I live very purposely and I am very mindful of whatever.”

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