“I’ve had the best of wins” – George Britton speaks as Camidoh reveals he’s no longer part of his team

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Ghanaian Afrobeats star Camidoh has confirmed that talent manager George Britton is no longer part of his official team.

In an exclusive interview with DJ Slim on Hitz FM, the ‘Adoley’ singer clarified that their professional relationship concluded naturally after their contract reached its end.

Camidoh expressed that there are no hard feelings between him and George Britton, emphasizing their continued cordiality despite the separation.

“It’s not official and there’s no bad blood or anything because me and him talk. It’s just okay when the contract ended we even worked for free,” Camidoh stated during the interview.

Acknowledging Britton’s contributions, Camidoh expressed pride in his former talent manager’s contribution to his career.
In response to Camidoh’s statement, George Britton shared his perspective on social media, reflecting on their successful partnership over three years.

Reacting under a post by Kumi Kasa, he further disclosed that it is his decision to step away from artist management after fifteen years to focus on new challenges in Europe.

Despite no longer being officially part of Camidoh’s team, Britton affirmed his ongoing support and mentorship for the artist.

“I love Camidoh and will always help and support him. I’m officially not part of the team but unofficially I will keep putting him on as a big brother,”.

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