Ivorian Embassy in Ghana

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For people seeking information about the Ivorian Embassy in Ghana, this article serves as a comprehensive guide, addressing frequently asked questions and providing essential details about the embassy’s location, contact information, and services.

Location and Contact Details

The Ivorian Embassy in Ghana is located at Osu Oxford Street, 18th lane, Accra.

For inquiries or assistance, individuals can reach out to the embassy through the following contact numbers: (233-0302) 77 46 11 / 77 46 12.

The embassy operates during the weekdays, from Monday to Friday, with office hours set from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Services Offered

The Embassy of Ivory Coast in Accra, Ghana, offers a range of essential services to meet the needs of its visitors. Some of the key services provided include:

Passport Application Processing: The embassy facilitates the processing of passport applications, assisting individuals in obtaining or renewing their passports.

Visa Application Processing: The embassy handles visa applications, catering to various types of visas required for different purposes.

Visa Types

The Ivorian Embassy in Ghana accommodates several visa types to address the diverse travel needs of individuals. Common visa types available at the embassy include:

Transit Visa: For individuals passing through Ivory Coast to reach their final destination.

Tourist Visa: Designed for those intending to explore the country for leisure and tourism purposes.

Business Visa: Suited for individuals engaging in business activities within Ivory Coast.

Student Visa: Facilitating the entry of students pursuing education in Ivory Coast.

Diplomatic Visa: Extended to individuals on diplomatic missions, representing their respective countries.

Ivorian Embassy in Ghana FAQs

Do you need visa from Ghana to Cote D’Ivoire

Ghanaian citizens do not need a tourist visa when traveling to Ivory Coast in 2023. Ghanaian passport holders can stay in Ivory Coast for a short period (for 90 days).

How long does it take to get the Ivory Coast E visa?

The processing time is 3 days, and the visa will be valid for 3 months. Biometrics will be necessary to obtain this visa, and you can get this visa at the Abidjan Port Bouet airport.


In conclusion, the Ivorian Embassy in Ghana plays a crucial role in providing essential consular services.

Whether individuals are seeking assistance with passport applications or visa processing for various purposes, the embassy stands as a reliable resource.

This comprehensive guide aims to offer clarity and valuable information for those navigating the services provided by the Ivorian Embassy in Ghana.

For further details or specific inquiries, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the embassy using the provided contact information during official office hours.

Embark on your journey with confidence, armed with the knowledge of the Ivorian Embassy’s offerings and its commitment to serving the needs of the public.

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