Just In: Lilwin arrested over accident that claimed the life of a 3-year-old boy

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According to a post by Citi FM on Monday, 3rd June 2024, Lil Win was taken into police custody shortly after being discharged from the hospital.

His arrest is connected to a recent car accident that tragically resulted in the death of a three-year-old boy.

On 25th May, Lil Win was involved in a car accident just hours before the much-anticipated premiere of his movie “A Country Called Ghana” in Kumasi.

He and other victims were immediately rushed to the hospital for medical attention. While Lil Win was recovering from his injuries, a recent report revealed the tragic death of a young victim involved in the crash.

The young child, who was three years old, passed away after Lil Win’s car collided with theirs. A relative of the deceased child confirmed the news during a live radio interview with Angel FM on Monday, 27th May.

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