Kafui Danku goes hard on the NPP government after being charged GHC1000 for braids at the salon

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Popular Ghanaian actress Kafui Danku has recently taken to social media to voice her dissatisfaction with a salon experience she encountered at a well-known establishment in East Legon.

In a Facebook post shared earlier today, Danku expressed her frustration and disappointment, detailing an incident that left her questioning both the service quality and the economic implications of her visit.

The actress recounted her visit to the salon, which took an unexpected turn due to what she described as a rude and unwelcoming demeanor from the salon owner.

Danku highlighted that the negative experience seemed to stem from a simple lack of a greeting, as her guest failed to say hello upon entering the salon.

In her post, Kafui Danku expressed disbelief at the harsh treatment she received and shed light on the financial aspect of her visit.

Despite her willingness to pay for the services rendered, she was reportedly charged an exorbitant amount of over 1000 Ghanaian cedis (Ghs) for a braiding session.

The unexpected high charges, combined with the unpleasant encounter, left the actress deeply dissatisfied and compelled to share her ordeal with her followers.

She wrote;

“I can’t get over the bad experience I had yesterday at braid lounge in east Legon.

“That woman is rude and the worst service provider I’ve encountered. She charged me 1000 plus Ghs for braids which I was willing to pay but had issues just because my guest didn’t say hello ! “Anokwa ! “Truly, I pity those young girls working in such lousy salon!

I went to church today o, so I’ll leave it here.“Who even charges 1000 ghs for common braids! “For such charges, service should be top notch. “I blame the NPP government for all this.(sic)”

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