Kuami Eugene faked my birthday for clout – Mary alleges

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Kuami Eugene’s former house help, Mary, has claimed that the viral picture showing her in front of a birthday party backdrop was a staged photo arranged by her former employer.

When Mary stormed social media with a barrage of accusations against her former boss, scores of netizens criticized her for being ungrateful, because Eugene took her to events and even threw a birthday party for her.

Referring to the said party, two pictures in which Mary was seen cutting a cake and posing by a birthday party décor have since been in circulation on social media.

But speaking in her latest interview with Der Mad King, Mary has claimed that the backdrop, spotted in her viral birthday picture belonged to someone else.

Narrating the story, Mary said she and Kuami Eugene casually went to a restaurant to eat, where they spotted the backdrop meant for a random birthday celebrant.

She said, that very instance, Eugene instructed her to seize the opportunity and take some shots in front of the backdrop which boldly inscribed, ‘Happy Birthday.’

The highlife singer’s former maid, made these statements while refuting assertions that she has been ungrateful despite being treated specially by him.

“On that particular moment, when I stood by the balloon, we were at Capitol restaurant. Where I stood was someone’s birthday backdrop. The decoration wasn’t specifically set up for me. We went to the restaurant on a regular day to eat and he asked me to stand up and pose in front of the backdrop so it would look like it was meant for me. He said he wanted to take the picture and post it later on my birthday. Those saying I am ungrateful don’t know what really happens.

“The other time he said I watch TV a lot, so he carried it from the hall to his room. I heard It was during that period he went on a certain show and gave me a shoutout. I couldn’t hear or see anything until I was told. Because he took the TV away from the hall,” she stated.

In previous interviews, Mary shared reasons for her dismissal from Kuami Eugene’s house, including allegations of neglect and her admission of being the cause of their rift due to difficulties in running errands. She revealed instances of collapsing while staying at the musician’s house, citing improper diet and other undisclosed reasons.

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