Lydia Forson runs away from both NPP and NDC

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Vociferous actress Lydia Forson has disassociated herself from supporters of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The outspoken journalist has acted as the voice of the voiceless speaking against hardship in the country regardless of who or what party is in power.

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Her usual criticism makes those in government think that she is against them while opposition supporters think they have a new friend.

But today, the actress is reminding supporters of the opposition that she is not their friend.

According to her, the fact that she is criticising the government of the day doesn’t mean she is aligned with the opposition.

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In a tweet, the actress indicated that she still remembers like yesterday, the attacks he she suffered in 2015 under the NDC government due to her constant criticism.

She reminded them that when the tables turn, they will probably not be supporting her like they are doing now.

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