Meet The Highest Earning Ghanaian Blogger Who Makes About Gh500,000 In A Month (PHOTOS)

Akesse Moise Sanza

The blogging world in Ghana has grown with many young guys following their passion.

Most bloggers in the country focus on the creative arts industry with few trying their hands on sports, travel, fashion and others. Not long ago, reported about the amount of money the most popular blogger in the country, Ameyaw Kissi Debrah earns in a month.

Ameyaw Debrah might be the most popular blogger in the country but might not be the highest earning blogger in Ghana – I stand to be corrected. Truth be told, managing entertainment blog in Ghana does not fetch enough cash as compared to other niche like education, insurance, travel and many others.

Today, brings you closer to one guy who has been bagging over Gh100,000 monthly from his blogs.

Akesse Moise Sanza is a Ghanaian travel blogger who has been in business for four years. He tells us that “I do Travel Blogging and any other niche that I find it paying at a point in time. For the past four years, I have done travel, entertainment, satire, general news, and US-targeted News blogs.”

When asked about the difficulties that come with his job, Akesse replied that I always see difficulties as a new subject under the blogosphere to research on. I have been reading on how to fight the monopoly enjoyed by Facebook and the heartbreaks accompanied by the use of adsense.”

The travel blogger who said he works with three other people on his blogs disclosed that he pays them based on the volume of tasks accomplished at the end of each month.

Talking about the amount he makes at the end of each month from all his blogs, Akesse Sanza who hails from Duase near Konongo in the Ashanti Region told that he earns around $120,000 which is Gh526,732.

“The blogging revenue generation has been up and down. Before recently, I was earning $10k to $30k monthly. There was a month I jumped as high as $63k. For the past few weeks, I have maintained an average of $30k weekly.

I opted for weekly payouts due to the questions I may have to answer to receive such huge amount at a go. The company strictly pays out monthly but considered my concerns.

The married man with two children further said he sponsors all his trips to other countries just to get content for his travel blog.

To him, people who visit his blogs are from foreign countries which helps him to earn more cash from online advertisers.

Akesse Sanza manages the blog

Below are screenshots of alerts from his bank informing him about cash deposited into his account by advertisers.

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