Moesha Boduong Disgraces Herself When She Was Called To Say A Closing Prayer – Video

Social media star, Moesha Buduong will certainly never get the opportunity to join the prayer tower of her church because she can’t even say a very simple closing prayer per a video available to

The rising actress totally made a mess of herself when she was asked to say the closing prayer after the press briefing which was organized by Kofas Media at the Holiday Inn, Accra, yesterday, 15th March to speak about their upcoming movie, ‘Away Bus’.

Moesha from all indication proved beyond any reasonable doubt that it has been a pretty long time she went on her knees to say a word of prayer to her maker, that is if she actually prays.

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I guess she might probably ‘curse’ her stars and the person who nominated her to say the closing prayer because the sort of humiliation she suffered yesternight at the sight of the people gathered at the conference hall may only be matched and erased by herself in the near future.

Watch the video of Moesha tearing a simple closing prayer into shreds below:

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