My wife can cook for more than 144 hours – Chef Faila’s soldier husband speaks

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Chef Faila’s husband and pillar behind her success is Lt. Reginald Ofosuhene Adjei – And has spoken to the media for the first time after his wife began her cook-a-thon attempt.

In an exclusive interview with Zionfelix, Captain Agyei, proud husband to Chef Faila, revealed that his wife has undergone military-style training, which will enable her to embark on a remarkable culinary journey.

Captain Agyei proudly shared that Chef Faila possesses the extraordinary ability to cook for over 144 hours, surpassing Alan Fisher’s record of 119 hours and 57 minutes and Uganda’s Mama D’s own as well.

This ambitious feat has sparked optimism in Captain Agyei, who has confidently predicted that Chef Faila is poised to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual.

In the course of the interview, Captain Agyei disclosed that he has trained his wife using military techniques, enhancing her endurance and efficiency in the kitchen.

He attributed Chef Faila’s ability to cook for extended periods to this specialized training.

With unwavering confidence, Captain Agyei further stated that Chef Faila’s remarkable cooking skills would propel her to break the Guinness World Record.

He highlighted her unique training, coupled with her passion for cooking and fitness, as key factors contributing to her success in surpassing existing records.

Captain Agyei further revealed that Chef Faila routinely engages in nonstop cooking sessions lasting an impressive 24 hours when fulfilling orders from clients.

This dedication to her craft, combined with her military-style training, positions Chef Faila as a formidable contender in the culinary world.

Acknowledging Chef Faila’s exceptional talent and dedication, Captain Agyei disclosed that his wife has garnered significant support from politicians, chiefs, and other prominent figures in society.

This widespread encouragement underscores the recognition of Chef Faila’s unique culinary skills and her ambitious pursuit of breaking records.

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