No Jobless Man Should Propose Love To Me – Actress Baby Blanche

Outspoken actress Baby Blanche has warned men with no job to stay away from her.

The ‘Hot Fork’ and ‘Trophy’ star believes it is the right of the man to provide for the house so she will not settle with a man who will become a burden on her. Speaking on Adom TV with Tima Kumkum, she said a lady can support the husband financially when she feels like but the man should be able to earn enough money to cater for his family.

She pointed out that “I’m not looking for a super duper rich man but I need someone who is striving hard to make it in life.” Blanche Worae added that “so if you are not working, don’t ever worry yourself to approach me and propose love. Anybody can insult me at their homes but a marriage that I would go and divorce later, then it is better I stay at my cool corner without trying it at all.”

She reiterated that “if you are a jobless man, don’t propose to me” and further advised her fellow women that “don’t date a man who is not working”. She continued that “I’m not talking about poor guys, my point is about a man who is jobless. If you are working then I’m assured that something would come home at the end of the day even when you are not rich”

“Your money is our money but my money is my money. If I want to support my husband, I do that out of love but it is not mandatory to take care of the home because it is the right of the man to do so.” she opined.

Watch Baby Blanche on Adom TV below:

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