Okomfo Kwadee Hits Back At Section Of Ghanaians Who Attacked Him For Smoking In Public – Check Out His Reasons

Rapper Okomfo Kwadee, who is known in private life as Jerry Anaba has hit back at a cross-section of Ghanaians for how they attacked and maligned him claiming that he was a drug user.

Okomfo Kwadee told Andy Dosty in an interview on ‘Daybreak Hitz’ on Hitz FM that contrary to public claims, he never did illegal drugs. He said he couldn’t comprehend the fact that many people attacked him when they never saw him in public with any form of illegal drug.

The great storyteller also stated that he was attacked for using drugs, but one will never see him on TV smoking weed or holding drugs. He, however, stated that entertainment personalities today openly hold and even use them in public.

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Okomfo Kwadee, also added that his song ‘Ofie Nipa’, was aimed at educating the youth on drug abuse, and expressed worry that the youth today now mix tramadol with energy drinks. He ended by stating that the youth of today can only be stopped from abusing drugs by people who have an influence on them.


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