Osebo reveals why he sold his 9 cars

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Richard Brown, popularly known as Osebo or the Zaraman, is a well-known Ghanaian celebrity stylist who was once a collector of luxury cars.

However, in a recent exclusive interview with YEN.com.gh, Osebo spoke about his change in mindset regarding the value of these cars in a man’s life and how he sold off his collection to invest in real estate instead.

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Despite being an automotive enthusiast with vast knowledge of vehicles, Osebo now firmly opposes the idea of using cars to build wealth.

He revealed that he spent a considerable amount of money on his automobiles and had more than necessary at one point in his life.

Among the expensive luxury cars he owned were a BMW 740, Mercedes-Benz S-Class (S550 and S360), Range Rover Vogue, and Ford F150.

Osebo’s decision to sell off his cars and invest in real estate was driven by various factors. One of them was his daughter’s love for houses, which played a significant role in convincing him to stop investing in his expensive cars.

Additionally, his spiritual father, Apostle Kwadwo Safo, advised him to stop wasting money and start preparing for his future.

In conclusion, Osebo’s experience serves as a valuable lesson to individuals who may prioritize material possessions over long-term investments.

As he has demonstrated, it is never too late to make a change and start investing in things that will provide long-term financial stability.

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