PHOTO: Actress Jasmine Baroudi Puts Movie Production Houses In Ghana On The Blast

Ghanaian actress Jasmine Baroudi has taken movie production houses in Ghana to the cleaners for the bad treatment they give to her and vowed to proceed to court.

The actress in a lengthy message sighted by on her Instagram page details how she was cheated by some producers after shooting movies. Jasmine Baroudi recounts how she traveled miles to shoot movies under unfavorable conditions only to chase them around for her pay after the shooting was completed.

The actress and mother of one also alleged that some notable actors and actresses get paid right after shooting, while they who are deemed seemingly unpopular are ignored.

“I feel appalled and angry with the way some of the production houses treat some of us. I really don’t understand if they think I would wake up early for days, drive to locations, sometimes ridiculously far to shoot, and they don’t pay for my transport. Sometimes the food they even feed us with is questionable. [As if that was not enough] they give us excuses when it comes to paying us!!,” she said in the post.

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Jasmine Baroudi, who is obviously fed up with these developments has threatened to sue all production houses who owe her.

“I ‘ve 2 contracts here and by the end of this month, I will involve my lawyers even if its to collect GHC1.00!…It’s the principle here that matters. I am tired of some directors and producers treating us like we’ve nothing to do than chase them for what is rightfully ours!… We are not working for free. We are not working because we wanna be pointed at and called celebrities then go home hungry! Enuf is enuf!” she stated.

Check out her full post below…

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