Popular Tiktoker Aba Dope disowns her father – Here’s why

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Aba Dope, a social media influencer, recently revealed her complex family history and her decision to disown her biological father while sharing her childhood experiences.

She made this revelation during an interview on The Delay Show, which aired on October 14, 2023.

Aba Dope explained that while her stepfather, Bannerman Martin, played a significant role in her upbringing, her biological father, whose identity she didn’t disclose, was notably absent from her life.

She shared that he is a twin and has a shop in Takoradi, where he sells cocoa drink and bread. She recounted receiving snacks from him as a child when she passed by his shop on her way to school.

However, her relationship with her biological father took a turn when he revealed his true identity to her, pointing out their shared physical trait of being notably hairy.

Aba Dope expressed that she didn’t initially know he was her father until he disclosed it, and she confirmed this with her mother. She emphasized that, despite her biological father being alive, she no longer considers him as her father due to his lack of support and care during her upbringing.

Aba Dope’s decision to bleach her skin was also discussed during the interview. She mentioned her mother’s naturally fair complexion and how two of her siblings shared the same fairness. In contrast, her other sibling and her biological father had darker skin tones.

Aba Dope explained that her self-confidence took a hit when her teacher removed her from a beauty pageant competition during her time in Senior High School (SHS), citing that she wasn’t beautiful enough. This experience led her to bleach her skin in an attempt to enhance her appearance.

She also attributed her darker skin tone to consistent exposure to the sun while playing football and hawking during her SHS days, causing her to feel unattractive and dissatisfied with her appearance.

Aba Dope’s narrative underscores the complexities of family relationships and how personal experiences can shape one’s decisions and self-perception.

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