Queen eShun Passionately Blasts Social Media Critics For ‘Nonsense’ Comments – Listen

Ghanaian songstress, Queen eShun has heavily punched social media critics in a new song.

She labelled the deceit on social media as ‘Nonsense’ in the song which featured AMG Beyond Kontrol’s Medikal.

Queen eShun also didn’t spare those who buy one Ghana cedi (Ghc 1) internet bundle and spew unnecessary comment about issues which does not concern them online.

Those who take photos at Trassaco but in real life living in a kiosk also got their share of the ‘Nonsense’ cake.

“Facebook pizza but in your house, gari is what you will be eating…You show money on Insta but you are hungry in the real world,” eShun sang.

And to all the guys who pose with Range Rover and board trotro in real life, your secret has been revealed by Queen eShun in this song.

In a nutshell, eShun is advising people to be content with what they have and live within their means.

Medikal also hit hard on the ‘Laborrow guys’ and slay queens in this King Odyssey-produced-song.

Listen to ‘Nonsense’ below and advise anyone close to you who is doing any of the nonsense things mentioned by Queen eShun and Medikal.

Download it from here.

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