(SCREENSHOTS) Sister Derby Shares Insightful Info About How To Deal With Cyber Bullies

Cyber bullying is gradually becoming a dangerous form of bullying, especially for many celebrities anytime they post anything some fans do not like.

Sister Deborah, in a twitter chat with Social Media Week Accra, monitored by Zionfelix.net, addressed celebrity issues being faced online due to over-familiarity between them and their fans.

Cyber bullies usually leave alarming comments about people and especially celebrities, which can potentially damage their self-esteem, hard-earned reputation and dampen their spirits even though social media is usually supposed to bridge the gap between celebs and their fans.

Some of these cyber bullies are fans of the celebrities who have a sense of entitlement about how their ‘stars’ should interact with them.

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Sister Deborah, a well-known TV Show host, fashion designer, creative director, and musician, is not new to the activities of cyber bullies.

In the twitter chat, she opened up about a lot of things she thought about cyber bullies; she described them as “unhappy people using electronic means to try and bring others down“. she believes giving these people an audience is what fuels their activities.”

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Sister Derby in advising on how to deal with them, she stated: “I always remind myself that we all come from different backgrounds or even similar, but not everyone has been able to start to really think and make critical decisions for themselves by themselves.“

Check out some of the instances she shared about being cyberbullied in the following tweets…

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