Some of my gospel songs are about my personal life experiences – Obaapa Christy reveals

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Gospel artiste Obaapa Christy recently shared her distinctive approach to finding inspiration for creating songs.

“I do sometimes sing some of my gospel songs from personal experience that I get but God gives me all the songs through so many ways,” she said on Property FM in Cape Coast.

When I’m happy, I’m able to get a song from that, when I’m sad, also I get a song from it, whilst having a conversation with someone, I can get a song.

“When I attend church services and I listen to the preaching, even someone’s testimonies can inspire me to do a gospel song,” she added

Speaking from Hamburg, Germany in a virtual interview with Amansan Krakye, Obaapa Christy further added most musicians share their life experiences through their songs.

“These situations all help because the music that we compose is all about life that we sing about, but at the same time, being a gospel song, you pick some from the Bible,” she explained.

“So you put the word of God together with the life experiences to create the song and everyone has a unique way of getting songs from God,” Obaapa Christy revealed.

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