Stop playing with our religion in your skits; Angry Mulsim man warns Dr Likee

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In a video that has recently gone viral on social media, a deeply devoted Muslim man can be seen and heard angrily issuing a stern warning to popular Ghanaian comedian Dr. Likee.

The concerned Muslim, Khalifa, whose video has sparked significant online discourse, cautioned Dr Likee/Akabenezer to exercise caution and sensitivity when creating skits that reference Islam.

In the explosive clip, he emphasized that the comedian has the creative freedom to include Muslim characters and themes in his work.

But it should come with handling religious topics with respect and care, and not like how he and his crew act in their comedic skits.

Khalifa who had lost his temper in the studios of Angel FM during an interview with Mr Katah said;

“Any skit that will downgrade Islam, we don’t want it. Any skit that will bring Islam up or upgrade it is fine,” the man stated emphatically in the video.

As of now, Dr. Likee is yet to respond to the warning.

Watch the video below to know more…

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