Timaya reveals how drug addiction almost ruined him

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Renowned Nigerian singer, Timaya, recently opened up about his harrowing struggle with drug addiction, shedding light on a period that nearly derailed his life and career.

In a heartfelt revelation, the Afro-dancehall artist shared the profound impact of his journey, serving as both a cautionary tale and an inspiring testament to resilience.

In a candid interview with The Beat FM, Timaya recounted the dark days when drug addiction threatened to consume him, revealing the toll it took on his mental and physical well-being. The artist, whose real name is Inetimi Timaya Odon, admitted that the allure of substance abuse temporarily clouded his judgment, leading him down a perilous path.

The “Bum Bum” crooner disclosed that the turning point came when he recognized the destructive nature of his habits and realized the toll they were taking on his life and career.

Timaya emphasized the importance of self-awareness in overcoming addiction, acknowledging that it required a profound commitment to change.

“Everybody was home (during COVID) and there are those young guys in my house who are always so happy. I was like ‘Bro, how are you guys happier than me? I am the boss, I got money. What are you guys on?’ And they told me that they got molly (a popular recreational drug).”

“When I took it, I did not understand myself. I was so happy that I dashed all the money in my pocket,” Timaya said.

The artist revealed that he relied on the substance to experience a sense of happiness.

“How you go just want dey happy? You are supposed to, first of all, be happy naturally. But when you now need substance to make you happy, it replaces the natural happiness. So you have to be buying happiness,” he said

The artist expressed gratitude for the support he received from loved ones during his journey to sobriety, emphasizing the importance of a robust support system in overcoming addiction.

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