Twene Jonas exposed and disgraced for posing with someone’s $8 million Lamborghini and bragging to be owner

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Ghanaian born US-based entertainer and and political critic, Twene Jonas has been heavily busted for flaunting fake riches online just a few days after entering into 2023.

Apparently, Twene Jonas posed at the back of a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, with a price tag of around $8,000,000 and claimed to be the owner.

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His poor Photoshop skills with the number plate is what exposed and landed him into trouble.

Twene Jonas photoshopped his popular phrase ‘glass nkoaa’ into the number plate area of the super expensive car.

With his boastful talks full of empty lies, the loudmouth social media commentator captioned the photo as;

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Before I became a self made millionaire I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. I began my 2023 chilling in my pure luxury $8M Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. Life is good in Heaven on Earth 🙏🏾 Glass Nkoaa 🔥 The system is working 24/7💪🏽 We run the city 🌆 Hw3 fomm 🥰 Didi free 

The comments section of Twene Jonas’ post is full of insults and words of condemnation because he’s trying to put unnecessary pressure on the youths by claiming to be a successful man while he’s struggling just like all of us.

Check out some of the popular comments gathered under the photo below;

princesekyere56 – 😂😂 that’s a Lamborghini hurricane. MSRP 250,000$. Roadster means open top or convertible, this Lamborghini is a coupe not a roadster.

addius2002Sia Lambo for $8M dollars who be your kid for here you’re the same person who said there’s no car worth 1 million dollars now dier you’re having 8 million dollars car instead masa if you’re saying the truth we dey support you but for this one dier we won’t take it wa

benkofi1Oh bro. Make a professional editor help you next time.

nickwale_8 Herh your life is a lie ooh that Lamborghini is not yours and it not even up to 1 million something that has a price tag ranging from 200 thousand dollars. A Lamborghini huracan and you are calling it a veneno herh. come to talk of it have you even seen some in your life before and only 5 where made in the world and you are hear lying to your followers you can insult me as much as you want but you see me it won’t affect me because I am not lying you are 

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