VIDEO: “Until God approves the relationship, don’t spend even 10 cedis on your partner” – Akumaa Mama Zimbi advises

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Ace Ghanaian female presenter, Akumaa Mama Zimbi, has advised Ghanaian youths not to spend even 10 cedis on their partners until they have prayed to God.

As suggested by Mama Zimbi, it’s very prudent to seek God’s guidance before financially spending on a partner because most of the crop of people are greedy.

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She added that for the avoidance of doubt and heartbreak, men must be spiritually conscious about their potential partners and must only spend after getting the go-ahead from God.

To the young guys: Before you want to spend even 10 cedis on a lady, first pray about it. Seek God’s approval first to know if the person is the right partner for you before you go ahead and spend money on her. “This will not leave you disappointed later on in life,” she said.

Below are some of the popular comments gathered under the trending video…

Kkelly Domber I pity those people listen to this end time motivational speakers, will she have stayed with her boyfriend before he became her husband till now if he didn’t support her in another way or the other? The same way some guys develop hatred for their parents especially fathers when he refuses to give them something they need importantly, that’s how it’s with some girls too. if you don’t give anything to your girlfriend but always asking her to come over to your house ,do you think that love will grow ? You love somebody dearly because he or she is there for you no matter what . love becomes beautiful when you care for each other , and that caring is when you give to someone in need . We love because of what someone has done for us or

Kkelly Domber – some of you girls think every girl ask or need financial support from his guy. Don’t compare relationship to parenting, it’s every parents responsibility to take care of their kids, it’s not written anywhere that it’s every guy’s responsibility to take care of his girlfriend. You girls feel too entitled

Diana Amoasi The same way to the ladies, Untill God approves the relationship, don’t open your legs for him, never, not even a hug, don’t do it. – Diana Amoasi

Patrick NyarkoHow will you know if God has indeed approved of the relationship? What are the signs?

Lastbabe MansaI love dis woman but I think dis time she is at his menopause age so she is soo confused, guys pls forgive her err, she didn’t mean it at all, as for de money we go take saa

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