VIDEO: No liposuction, no breast implant but I’m still beautiful – Delay shades

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In one of Delay’s traditional opening statements on her Delay Show, she bragged that even without any breast implant or liposuction she is naturally beautiful.

As we all know, the TV and radio presenter has been a strong advocate against artificial body enhancement because she deems as a waste of money and a consequence of having low self-esteem.

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In the short circulating video which many social media users have described as an indirect jab to the female celebrities who have confessed to going under the knife to enhance their curves and butts.

Delay taunted that despite not undergoing any liposuction process, she’s still more beautiful than the ‘fake curves and bortos’ owners.

Although the radio and TV show host didn’t mention any names but it’s known knowledge that the jab was directed at Mcbrown, Joselyn Dumas, Sandra Ankobiah, Kisa Gbekle and the other female stars who possess artificial bortos and other body features.

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Watch the video below to know more…

Recall that after Mcbrown came out to confirm the reports that she has gone under the knife to enhance her body – She encouraged young ladies who have to also do the same if they don’t feel comfortable in their natural bodies.

She was seriously reprimanded on the internet by netizens who tagged her advice as necessary but she still stood by her words and refused to retract them.

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