Writer Stacy Chronicles The Story Of Her Maltreatment As An Orphan And Its Very Sad

Stacy Amewoyi

Being through the mill herself, Stacy Amewoyi, an orphan who has by grace found her feet as a philanthropist is calling on to the general public to cease the maltreatment being meted out on the less privileged.

She feels her wound open up once again and raged when she hears stories of her kind going through despicable grooming just to have something to feed on. She knows how it is like to live on the streets of Accra, hustling for something to fend on, at the mercy of harsh conditions as well as the torture of a female child working in people’s homes as a house help.

It is of this experience that; Stacy is asking about where the love being preached about is kept.

“it baffles my mind on how some Christians who are seen always in the church and always taught about the love of Christ harm the less privilege the best way one can imagine. Is that the love we are taught to show unto others? The families through which these orphans, the blind and deaf come from are the worst to be spoken about. Over a little property, relatives of this kind will move heaven and earth to undertake all measures to have what they want. It’s very pathetic”. Stacy stated.

She indicated the free lifers are supposed to be examples to the less privilege, by showing affections to them.

She added, politicians should take a serious look at issues as this and churn out help to people in this state.

“Have the fear of God in you. Do you know the bible speaks a lot about helping people in such conditions together with the blessings that comes with it? and that, penalties and curses are as well lined up in the same bible towards those who treats the less privilege in an unworthy manner? Why do people believe making the orphan feel rejected could solve a thing?” she quizzed.

In her bid to make others hear her call, she is putting together her true life story as an orphan and street girl who has risen to her current position, into a piece titled Pity Sexy for a good read into details about people of her kind and the need to halt their maltreatment.

The launch of the book will come off in August in both the US and Ghana. Send all questions and enquires about the book, to the address P O Box 3740, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07207. Like and follow the Pity_Sexy page on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more details.

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