You’re Not Better Than Me Because You Sleep With Married Men Too – Moesha Mercilessly Tears Salma Mumin Into Pieces Again

When good friends do all they can to become enemies, the end results are clearly not good ones.

This is currently the movie Moesha Buodong and Salma Mumin, who were once besties are acting for Ghanaians to enjoy after they had a fallout on their various social media handles.

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After Salma’s description of Moesha as a jobless and aimless lady, who only rides on the wealth of the ‘sugar’ daddies who have intimate relationships with her, the heavy bum Instagram model has come back to react angrily.

According to Moesha, if Salma thinks that the petty trading she is doing can be considered as having a solid brand, then she should continue to tickle herself and laugh.

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Moesha further alleges that Salma is in the business of sleeping with married men just to live the lavish life she put on social media and pretend that her ‘hard work’ is what she is using to sponsor those things.

She tells the CEO of the about to be launched clothing line ‘Lure By Salma’ to stop deceiving herself because they are both in the same business.

Check out screenshots of Moesha’s reaction below…

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