YPee Attacks Oseikrom Sikanii In ‘Money Soon’ By Drill Duo, Alaye Geng (WATCH)

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Chris Osei
Chris Osei
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It appears whatever feud that exists between former close pals, Ypee and Oseikrom Sikanii is not ending soon as the latter, who is also known as Andy Agyemang, has thrown subtle yet pointed jabs at the former in a recent collaboration with the drill duo, Alaye Geng.

Their latest track, “Money Soon,” has set the Ghanaian music scene ablaze, captivating audiences and sparking intense curiosity about the underlying tensions between YPee and Oseikrom Sikani.

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The song, released just a week ago, has swiftly climbed the charts, earning praise from fans and enthusiasts alike. Rooted in the artists’ shared experiences and unwavering determination to achieve success, “Money Soon” weaves a narrative of sleepless nights and the relentless pursuit of dreams, reflecting the tenacity of Ghana’s emerging talent.

However, what has stirred significant interest among listeners is YPee’s verse in “Money Soon.” Laden with veiled references, his lyrics are a subtle response to Oseikrom Sikani. Speculation about an ongoing rivalry between these two artists has intensified, with YPee’s verses adding fuel to the fire.

In the song, YPee openly acknowledges Oseikrom Sikani’s public shots at him. Yet he opts for an indirect response, asserting that Oseikrom Sikani is not on his level. From YPee’s perspective, engaging in a direct confrontation would inadvertently elevate Oseikrom Sikani, granting him undue importance. This nuanced exchange within the music sheds light on the intricate dynamics of Ghana’s rap scene, where artists navigate rivalries and alliances through their verses.

The simmering tension between YPee and Oseikrom Sikani came to the forefront during a recent interview with MC Portfolio on Radio One. Oseikrom Sikani’s statements in the interview further confirmed the existence of this beef. He boldly challenged YPee and his team, labeling them fake for not directly confronting him about his statements. Oseikrom Sikani went on to boast about his wealth, claiming that his Range Rover could purchase YPee’s car twice over. He asserted his superiority in terms of wealth and stature, firmly stating that there was no basis for comparison between them.

As the Ghanaian music scene buzzes with anticipation, fans eagerly await the next chapter in this subtle yet intense lyrical exchange. One thing is clear: the collaboration between YPee, Alaye Geng, and the underlying tension with Oseikrom Sikani has added a compelling layer to the ongoing narrative of Ghanaian hip-hop.

Check out the song below:

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