Comedian A.Y Should’ve Used His Common Sense At Golden Movie Awards – Epixode’s Former Manager

Mizz Debbie and A.Y at 2018 Golden Movie Awards

The former manager of reggae and dancehall artiste, Epixode, Enyonam Ama Dabor popularly known as Mizz Debbie has explained to why she embarrassed Nigerian comedian A.Y at the recently held Golden Movie Awards in Accra.

Mizz Debbie at the June 2 organised event screamed to the hearing of all who gathered at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel for the awards that the host of the show, A.Y should spare them with the constant mentioning of Moesha Doboung’s name. This was after the actor and producer at the awards had constantly teased Miss Bodoung for her comments on CNN.

Mizz Debbie giving reasons for her action in an interaction with after the awards disclosed that the comedian should have used his sense when hosting the event. She believes Moesha Bodoung’s CNN comment is past and gone so the A.Y should not have disturbed the event goers with it. To her, Ghana and Africa are suffering so the Golden Movie Awards host should have joked with issues worrying the continent to draw people’s attention to them rather than Moesha’s issues.

“It is about time we Ghanaians promote ourselves positively. This particular program (Golden Movie Awards), we are supposed to sell ourselves. Moesha came out to apologise and that means she admitted that her statement on CNN was wrong so we should have common sense to stop talking about it. People were receving awards and talking against war and others. We should be speakig about something important that will help the continent. We have grown pass the Moesha issue, it is tramadol. Let’s take drug off the street and stop talking about crap” angry Enyonam Ama Dabor told

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