Criss Waddle Reveals How COVID-19 Spoilt His Plans

Criss Waddle Reveals How COVID-19 Spoilt His Plans

Owner of Arab Money Gang (AMG) Business Criss Waddle has revealed how the Coronavirus has spoilt his plans and that of his squad.

The businessman cum musician has complained bitterly about how the pandemic has affected his travel plans and put his summer plans in disarray.


Due the Coronavirus, the “King Kong” hitmaker who is known for lavish spending and travelling around the globe for business and other duties has been stuck.

The rapper who took to Twitter to express his frustration said but for the pandemic, he should have been on a tour in London by now and later travel to the United States in the Summer to seal it off.

The virus which broke out in December 2020 and has infected infected more than 94 million people has affected business across the aisle including the showbiz industry leading to the cancellation of shows and postponement of tour dates.

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