Customers are tired of the constant increase in prices – Bridget Otoo laments the free fall of the cedi

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Broadcast journalist Bridget Otoo has lamented the free fall of the local currency – the cedi.

Even the the dollar rate may vary from bank to bank, a simple search on google will show you that the cedi is chasing 10 cedis for just a dollar.

Credible American news agency, Bloomberg has adjudged the cedi as the worst performing currency after the Sri Lanka rupees.

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Wading into the depreciation of the cedi and the constant inflation on the markets, Bridget Otoo said that Ghanaians are getting tired of the situation.

She lamented the fact that the dollar is going for almost 10gh adding that the situation is killing businesses.

“Customers can’t keep up with the constant price increment and changes,” the outspoken journalist wrote in a tweet.

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