Focus on dropping more singles and solidifying your brand before album – Black Sherif told

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Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif is two days away from dropping his debut album.

The 14-track album, ‘The Villain I Never Was’ will be available in all music stores on october 6 2022.

The rapper, known in private life as Mohammed Ismail Sherif made this known in a tweet three days ago while releasing the cover art of the album.

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While Black Sherif is putting in the hard word to make the album ready for the fans, a social media troll and critic thinks he is using the wrong strategy.

According to the notorious troll, Albert Nat Hyde who is popularly known as Bongo Ideas, Black Sherif should have concentrated on releasing singles instead of rushing to release an album.

Bongo Ideas claimed that the rapper has only two hit songs and should have focused on getting more of that instead of working on an album.

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He added that the title of Black Sherif’s upcoming album sounds like a dull Nigerian movie title.

“I still don’t understand why Black Sherif is in a rush to release an album when he has only two hit songs so far. Why not focus on dropping more singles and solidifying your brand first? His album’s title even sounds like a dull Nollywood film; a poor career decision,” Bongo Ideas wrote in a tweet.

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