George Quaye Hails 3Music Awards Organizers

In the spate of the few public backlashes after they had their second edition of 3Music Awards, the Head of Communications for Charter House Ghana, the organizers of the annual Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, George Quaye has heaped praises on the firm which is under the leadership of Sadiq Abu Abudulai for organizing a near perfect awards event.

George praises Sadiq, who he describes as a ‘soldier’ in his post sighted by for his decision to put together the awards event again this year even though he had some great challenges when he organized the first ever edition last year, 2018.

George Quaye admits that just like any other awards event, the organizers of the event which came off on Saturday, March 30, could have had even a far better program but all in all, they have a great show which is something that is very plausible. He states that he is already looking forward to the third edition.

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He also quotes the popular American Republican, Robert T. Bennett to tell Sadiq and his entire team that because they have decided not to give up, they will certainly achieve great things in the industry.

Check out his full post below:

“Soldier! Were there challenges? Yes there were! Did you have the funding? Probably not enough! Did you have reasons to try something probably more profitable, I’m sure you damn well had more than enough! So why did you do it? No wait, why did you do it again after a very tough first edition? I’ll tell you why. 
Because you are a soldier! Because your love for this industry is probably deeper than even you could ever imagine. 
Could the event have been better? Oh yes it could. Will the critics come at you? Yes they will! But knowing you, I trust you will have the fortitude to take it all in, learn the lessons and prep for Edition 3! “Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.”- Roy T. Bennett.
Congratulations my brother, @sadiqabdulaiabu! Aka #Alhajidoall. Could have been waaaay better, YES! But the most important thing is that YOU DID IT! Shouts to group @joy997fm and the entire Multimedia Group, @fantasydomegh, @dstv_ghana, @rhythmsafrica and anyone else who supported in any way. Well done bro.”

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