Gospel singer Selina Boateng’s corset dress gets Ghanaians talking

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Selina Boateng, a prominent Gospel Artist, recently embarked on a journey to achieve an alluring look in a corset dress, but the outcome was quite the opposite.

While proudly showcasing her corset dress in a video, the response from some viewers was unexpected and lighthearted, as they drew comparisons between her appearance and the iconic action character “Rambo” from the popular movie series.

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The video unveiled a side of Selina that appeared uncomfortable and short of breath, which sparked a humorous contrast to the intended effect of the dress.

Corset dresses have gained significant popularity among Ghanaian women, with the primary aim being to create the illusion of a smaller waistline.

Though this style can be flattering for some individuals, for others, the outcome can be less desirable, resembling a potential “explosion” due to the constraining nature of the dress.

While corset dresses have the power to accentuate feminine curves and enhance sensuality, it’s essential to acknowledge that they can also be one of the most uncomfortable attire options for women.

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