If there’s Hell on Earth then Ghana is the place – Bulldog laments

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With the recent price increase in fuel, water, power, and LPG plus the impending new data prices, Ghana perfectly fits into the description of Hell in the Bible.

Speaking on UTV over the weekend, Bulldog described Ghana as the Hell the Bible talks about because the pains Ghanaians are currently enduring under the Nana Addo administration are unbearable.

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He later went on to add that, the failure of our leaders had had an impact on our music industry and that’s why Nigerians are miles ahead of us as far as entertainment is concerned because they are united and not greedy compared to us.

According to Bulldog, about 90% of our musicians are ungrateful and this is why our music industry is presently in shambles.

He said Nigerian artists are intentional about their work and anytime they use Ghana as a gateway to fame, they work diligently.

Bulldog said, unlike Nigerian artists, Ghanaian musicians have the attitude of we already have the gift and therefore fail to put in the work.

In the latter parts of his rants, he advised both the established acts and upcoming ones to take their crafts seriously if they want to go international.

Only a lair will dismiss the fact that Nigerian musicians are currently doing better than us and we our musicians have to put in more work and effort in order to reach their pedigree.

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