Insider Reveals Real Reasons For Malcolm Nuna’s Troubles With His Investors Contrary To Commentaries On Social Media

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Chris Osei
Chris Osei
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In response to recent claims made by a social media user named Kofi Kunta, Eric Toscar, former road manager of Ghanaian rising star Malcolm Nuna, has come forward to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the artist’s current situation.

Toscar addressed the demand for transparency in the contractual agreement between Nuna and his management, emphasizing the need for Nuna to publicly share the details of the alleged unfavorable contract he claims to have signed.

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Regarding the Instagram account takeover, Toscar clarified that the management had been overseeing the account for four years, investing over $2,000 to verify it. He contends that Nuna was asked to contribute to the verification cost, which he couldn’t afford, leading to a loss of access.

On the issue of live performances, Toscar challenged the notion that Nuna has been prevented from showcasing his talent. He pointed out that Nuna has been actively participating in shows for the past year and receiving full payments for his performances, questioning where the alleged restrictions on his songs come into play.

Addressing the alterations made to the YouTube channel, Toscar clarified that the change in the DSPs’ name to DJ Adwoa was not an attempt to mislead but a strategic move to distinguish between the songs the management invested in and those Nuna releases independently. This, Toscar claims, is aimed at accurately accounting for royalties.

Toscar also highlighted the unique opportunities provided by Nuna’s investors, pointing out the collaborations with notable Ghanaian artists while he was still in secondary school and the significant exposure gained through features in major records like the “Otan Hunu Remix.”

To counter claims of financial mismanagement, Toscar questioned whether Nuna has personally financed any aspect of his life during the four years with the management. He points out the perks Nuna enjoyed, including free laundry services, suggesting that the artist benefited significantly from the partnership.

Read Toscar’s full post below:

I am speaking to you as a former road manager of the artiste (Malcolm Nuna).

1. He should put out the said contract so we all see the details of the contract, if he has signed a devil’s contract as he claims

2. The Instagram you are talking about, ask him why he has got no access. The management has been managing the account for 4 years. The management paid over $2k to get it verified. He was asked to pay the management of the account for cost of the verification, which he couldn’t cos he ain’t got the money to pay so he should stop putting false information.

3. For a year now, he plays shows and receives full amount of the money, so where did the management stop him from performing the songs?

4. The YouTube Channel, he’s releasing songs on his own and because of that the management wants to differentiate between what they invested in and what he’s releasing on his own, hence the change of name in the DSPs, DJ Adwoa not DJ Azonto as you claim. This will allow the management account for royalties of songs they invested in and exclude the ones he’s releasing on his own.

5. If any young artiste has access to an investor like this, we would’ve been competing with Nigerians. He was in secondary school when he has songs with Kofi Mole, Tulenkey, Fameye, Yaw Tog. He was featured on the biggest record in Ghana, Otan Hunu Remix which has big artistes on it when he completed SHS.

6. Let me ask you a question. How many Ghanaian management has taken their artistes at his level to Nigeria to do promotion ?

7. Which Ghanaian underground artiste has his/her management fly them to Dubai, together with his friends, producer and videographer inclusive, to shoot 2 music videos ? Me Road Manager seff I was left behind.

8. Check the number of music videos he has and the quality of them. Do you know how much money it took management to shoot?

I will leave it here for now but ask him, for his 4 years of being with the management, has he bought food, clothes, shoes with his money? He got free laundry service for 4 years at his beck and call. I will add a link to benzo remix for you to listen to which artiste is on that record that he hasn’t even had the chance to hear.

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