Kwasia, If You Joke I’ll Curse you – Angry Big Akwes Threatens Blogger


Yesterday, March 15, would certainly have been a bad one for blogger, Jibriel, if he had made the simple mistake of uttering a single word when Kumawood actor, Big Akwes, who looked very angry confronted him to give him a stern warning.

The furious looking actor after the press briefing for Kofas Media’s upcoming movie, ‘Away Bus’ is seen in the video available to raining a barrage of uncultured insults on the blogger. He also orders him to try and ask people who know him the things he can do to people who decide to cross his path in a wrong manner before, he (Jibriel) ever makes the mistake of crossing his path again.

Big Akwes goes further to give the blogger the warning that should he ever make the mistake of crossing his path in the manner, he would gladly and without any regrets call on some rivers and curse him.

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Jibriel who was quite unshaken and unperturbed when Big Akwes was doing all these, revealed afterward that the only ‘mistake’ he did was to tell him, after he had come to the press briefing very late and was making noise, that he should kindly sit down for the program to begin.

What angered Big Akwes? Jibriel shouted at the actor to have a seat when he walked into the auditorium since he was late already. Big Akwes after hearing the order from the blogger quickly reacted in funny way but deep down within his heart, he wasn’t okay with the words of the blogger when he first walked in.

He later threatened to deal with Jibriel when the press conference for Away Bus was ongoing.


Watch the video of Big Akwes threatening Jibril below:


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