Medikal speaks for the first time after Fella called the police to arrest him inside his own house

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Medikal has taken to his Twitter page to set the records straight after Fella Makafui allegedly called the cops on him yesterday.

In a tweet, Medikal alleged Fella Makafui’s cousin, Bless, mercilessly insulted him after suggesting she move out of his house.

According to Medikal, despite being infuriated by Bless’ verbal attacks on him, he remained calm because he has never hit a woman in his life.

As insinuated by Medikal, Fella and her cousin planned to get him kicked out of his own house by intentionally provoking him – So he hits them and gets incriminated.

In a fiery tweet, Medikal firmly maintained that he built the house for his daughter, Island Frimpong and not for his baby mama and her family.

In Medikal’s words, Fella Makafui called the cops om him for telling her cousin to leave his house.

Take a look at the screenshot below to know more…

At the moment, we are yet to hear Fella Makafui and her accused cousin’s side of the story.

Meanwhile, below is a video showing the moment a set of police officers stormed Medikal’s house to allegedly arrest him.

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