Mzbel Just Gave Another Shocking Revelation About Josh Laryea And Eugene Zutah’s Wife’s Affair, Says ICGC Never Kicked Her Out

 Mzbel Just Gave Another Shocking Revelation About Josh Laryea And Eugene Zutah’s Wife’s Affair, Says ICGC Never Kicked Her Out

The Mzbel-Josh Laryea issue is not ending anytime soon because there are several things the public has twisted and need to be corrected. reported hours ago about Mzbel’s conversation with Kwasi Aboagye on Peace FM where she denied allegations that she had something to do with Pastor Josh Laryea when she was a member of ICGC. She went ahead to narrate how gospel musician Eugene Zutah and wife, Awo Zutah ganged up against her three years ago.

Hours after the publication, Mzbel contacted on phone to give full details of what happened three years ago when she was a member of the International Central Gospel Church. The ’16 Years’ singer during the 15-minute conversation with us said she called to let the world know that she never slept with the man of God who is currently on suspension. According to the singer, the public and some media men misinterpreted a post she made on Facebook after Josh Laryea’s suspension came into the public domain.

Again, Nana Akua Amoah Belinda as she is known privately revealed that ICGC did not kick her out of the church as was reported. She said it was some members of the church who made her stay at the church uncomfortable leading to her exit from the church.

Speaking about what made some church members give her cold shoulders, Mzbel told that Awo Zutah, Eugene Zutah’s wife told her that she is in a relationship with Josh Laryea. She continued that the lady’s constant visit to Josh Laryea confirmed what she told her, Mzbel.

“When I went to worship with ICGC, I did not really know much about religion so I was much into it. This made Awo Zutah like me very much so she felt comfotale around me and she started telling me so many things. She started giving me the impression that there is something going on between them (Josh Laryea and Awo Zutah), whether it is true or not I don’t know. Each time we are together she tells me about what Josh Laryea has been doing to her. It was weird to me because she is married. Going to church was a world cup for me so I saw her action as wrong.

Not just that, she was also saying worst things about her husband, marriage, and other things. I wanted to see things myself maybe she might be lying to me because she thinks I’m Mzbel. There were few times I went to Josh Laryea’s office for counseling and anytime I went, Awo Zutah would be in there for hours. You will wait for million hours and she will never step out.

After I saw this continuing, I reported to her husband. I told him what his wife has told me and what I’ve also witnessed so he should also investigate himself to ascertain the truth. Eugene Zutah said what I was saying was true.

We were very close before I told Eugene Zutah about what his wife told me and what I saw myself but in less than 24 hours after the conversation, Eugene Zutah, Awo Zutah and Edem ganged up against me. They said I wanted to collapse their marriage and also collapse the church that is why I accused the pastor and Awo of having an affair.

They started spreading me at the church so some membrs of ICGC started giving cold shoulders and that made me uncomfortable at the place so I left. I explained everything to Josh Laryea expecting him to support me but he never did.

Three years down the lane, these three people are the same guys who are spreading that Josh Laryea has involved in an immoral act with some girls and that has resulted this suspension.

So the issue is not about Josh Laryea sleeping with me. It is not ICGC that kicked me out but it is Mr. and Mrs. Zutah and Edem who started talking ill about me to others and that made me feel uncomfortable to leave the church” Mzbel told

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