No Tribe Is Not Dead – Nacee

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For years now, gospel music group No Tribe has not been vibrant which has made many conclude that the group has collapsed.

The two leading members of the group, Nacee and Lord Bondize are rarely seen together performing at events as they used to when the group was active. Lord organised an event this year and Nacee was not one of the headline acts and that sort of confirmed that the two are no more. Again, many have said the group is no more since Nacee is always in the news about his own projects and concert but the music producer says that is far from the truth.

The ‘Onaapo’ composer had a verbal war with Hitz FM’s Gloria Akpene Nyarko aka MzGee over the current state of the music group during an interview days ago. Nana Osei told Multimedia’s MzGee that No Tribe is busily preparing to release an album but the presenter failed to agree with him. When MzGee listed several instances to prove that No Tribe is no more, Nacee also gave innumerable reasons to back his point that the group is still active.

According to the musician, the group takes three to four years to prepare an album so Ghanaians should keep their fingers crossed because they have something coming.

Read the conversation between Nacee and MzGee on whether No Tribe is collapsed or not below:

Nacee: No Tribe is there, we are getting ready to release an album.

MzGee: It looks like that is the same thing you keep saying every time we ask about No Tribe.

Nacee: Do you believe?

MzGee: I don’t believe anymore because Nacee is growing far away and far higher and bigger than No Tribe and I fear that the group can’t stand.

Nacee: If you have been following No Tribe, our first album was out in 2007, the next was out in 2010 and the last in 2014. So you just do the mathematics for the years we use to record album. The first is about three years and the second is about four years and from 2014 till now is just three years.

MzGee: My worry now is that the brand Nacee is growing bigger than the group. You’ve left your children behind and you are running faster than them and we are almost forgetting that you have children.

Nacee: No.! After the children are born, you take them to school and now they are lecturers on their own so they should be able to take care of themselves even if their father is not available.

MzGee: So what you mean is that you are waiting for the group to do things on their own?

Nacee: Now No Tribe is not 100% in my hands as I used to control and manage things. I have handled other things to professionals for them to also push the group to other levels so I don’t want things to be autocratic in the sense that when I say it is final.

MzGee: But do you notice that the group is dying?

Nacee: No, no.

MzGee: When was the last time you had a show?

Nacee: The purpose of No tribe is to feed the church praise and worship and we are still fulfilling the reason why the group was born. So it is not always being out there makes us relevant. Where we have to go and preach and sing the word, we are doing it.

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