No mature man will prioritize a woman’s bortos and melons over her character – Charlotte Oduro

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Renowned relationship coach, Rev. Charlotte Oduro has advised single men to set their priorities right.

Speaking in an interview, with Abeiku Santana on Okay Fm, the marriage and relationship expert urged men to settle down with women mainly because of their character and not physical appearance.

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According to her, any mature man who knows where they are heading in life and who understands his vision and priorities will not be looking for ass and breast.

Rev. Oduro also talked about the dangers of chasing after superficial things like big ass and breast.

She reminded the young men that true beauty and value come from within and that a person’s character and integrity are far more important than their physical appearance.

She explained that this is the reason why women are been forced to go for liposuction because ‘small boys’ can’t see beyond ass over building their vision.

She further stated that the notion that men are moved by what they see is deeper than what we seem to understand and that being beautiful is an additional fact but that does not mean you are fit for marriage.

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