Shatta Wale Disrespects Shatta Michy On Social Media Again; This Time It Is Not Cool – See Photo

Shatta Wale’s failed attempt to get his baby mama, Michy, back into his life from all indications is something he is having a major challenge dealing with.

The SM4lyf boss’s decision to disrespect the hardworking young lady because of his current feud with Ibrah One is something we cannot fathom.

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In his attempt to reply to a message from Ibrah One which suggested that he had an intimate affair with Michy while he was still dating him, Shatta Wale decided to go totally ballistic.

The award-winning dancehall musician wrote that he is aware that a lot of guys were ‘eating’ his ex while they were dating and as such, it is no news to him in the message sighted by on Shatta Wale’s snap chat handle.

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Shatta Wale also added that it is because of this reason and the many other distasteful ones he knew about Michy, which was why he didn’t marry her in the fast place.

This message from Shatta Wale is hilariously shocking and strange, taking into account how he was literally begging Michy recently on Peace FM for a comeback, a plea the Michy’s Hideout boss gladly decline.

Check out his disrespectful posts below…

Ibrah’s post

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