Songs We Produced 10 Years Ago Sounds Better Than Today’s – Music Producer Roro

Multiple hits producer at the time Roro Buddy, has described the current crop of music on the airwaves as whack, compared to the once they produced over a decade ago.

In a Facebook post, Roro Buddy asks the current crop of music producers to stick to doing what they are known best for, which is producing the nice beat and leaving mixing of the sound and doing of the master to the sound engineer. Roro also adds that the sound engineer is the one who knows the instrument to release and mute at a particular time point in time to produce a noise-free and good mix.

The former music producer also in the Facebook post told the current crop of music producers to put aside their ego and allow the right people do the right things on the songs because it takes nothing from them (the producers) since their name will still be on as producers of the tracks.

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Roro Buddy also used the likes of the music producers Zapp Mallet, Morris Baby Face, Appietus, Hammer, JQ, Quick Action and others who were big at the time as examples for the current crop of producers to learn from. He stressed that the songs all these big names he mentioned produced a decade ago are all still great songs.

Roro Buddy was very popular back in the days in Ghana when you couldn’t hear a song without ‘RoRo RoRo’ blasting in the background.

Check out his full post below…