The hilarious moment the ‘Lookalike’ squad visited Nana Agradaa and presented her with a gift

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In the world of entertainment, sometimes it’s the eccentric and unexpected that capture the audience’s attention.

Ghana’s “Lookalike Squad,” a group of four individuals resembling prominent figures, has managed to carve a niche for themselves through their quirky antics.

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Over the weekends, the lookalike squad visited Nana Agradaa’s mansion for the first time and they were dressed in hilariously antiquated suits that seemed to be plucked straight from an unimaginable era.

Apparently, the group attended a wedding together with Nana Agradaa and proceeded to join her home after the end of the event.

Despite Nana Agradaa’s prior warning against anyone attempting to impersonate her, the Lookalike Squad’s antics seemingly found favor in her eyes.

The group’s new recruit, touted as Agradaa’s lookalike, joined them at the wedding and also marched with them to Agradaa’s house.

Shockingly, Agradaa welcomed them with open arms.

After they were welcomed, the group presented her with a portrait of herself.

Watch the video below to know more…

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