“Traditional marriage is the actual marriage and not white wedding” – Rex Omar educates African youths

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Award-winning Ghanaian veteran highlife musician, Rex Omar, has educated African youths about the power traditional wedding ceremony wields.

In a Facebook post that has now gone viral – Rex Omar explained that the traditional wedding ceremony isn’t a mere engagement.

He added that the notion that the traditional wedding ceremony doesn’t hold any importance should be dumped.

He wrote…

“My dear young people of


After the two families have met and you’re done performing the traditional marriage ceremony with all the customs, please STOP calling it an engagement! That is the actual marriage according to our AFRICAN tradition laid down for us by our ANCESTORS.

Do NOT after that put pressure on yourselves waste money that could have been used to start life to go perform another white European wedding ceremony and call that the marriage.

Our ANCESTORS were NOT stupid!

For the lack of knowledge, my people perished.”

Below are some of the reactions from netizens who have come across Rex Omar’s post about the typical traditional wedding that modern youths have pinned as a mere engagement.

Godwin Aven Great counsel

Thank you for bringing this up. A very meaningful declaration which I hope will set the records straight and free us from the ignorance of loss of identity as Africans and Ghanaians for that matter.

The churches are to blame for this maladjustement because they have given the wrong and rather misleading interpretation to what constitutes a lawful marriage.

The late President Rawlings found this out as an obstacle so under his administration a law was passed to allow for the registration of such marriage to conform to a documented legal regime without necessarily going the extra length to spend money on wedding dresses and all other wasteful expenditure….but still most churches don’t recognise couples as married until they the chosen few pastors hear their own voice proclaiming that the two are joined together.


Kwawtwintoh Mensah – Thanks for this great piece. So silly of those saying that traditional marriage is an engage

Prospéré Tsidi Quarshie – Blame on the absence of policies/strategies of Social re-engineering,not necessarily the people who engage in it

Orchestration Lighting Interestingly, without the traditional ceremony the white wedding can’t happen. The church always insists you do the traditional ceremony first. That is enough evidence to show the importance of traditional marriage

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