Trending video of Dr Likee in a heated argument with Achimota Mall security officers

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A trending video on social media captures the moment Dr. Likee found himself embroiled in a heated dispute with security personnel at Achimota Mall.

Reports suggest that Ras Nene had diligently sought prior permission to shoot his skit at the mall but was unexpectedly denied access by the mall’s security team, which ignited a fiery confrontation between the two parties.

In the company of the vibrant socialite Efia Odo, Ras Nene had devised a sidesplitting skit intended to captivate their fans.

The scene they planned to shoot involved the duo playfully navigating the mall, showcasing their on-set chemistry while shopping.

However, upon their arrival at Achimota Mall, they were abruptly confronted by the stern security team.

The security personnel, responsible for maintaining order and safeguarding the mall’s premises, wasted no time in informing Ras Nene and Efia Odo that shooting skits without proper authorization was strictly prohibited.

Ras Nene, known for his quick wit and spirited personality, refused to back down easily.

He passionately argued his case, drawing attention to the incident involving Meek Mill at the State House in Ghana.

The American rapper had seemingly been allowed to capture photos and videos without restrictions, leading Ras Nene to perceive a double standard.

Driven by frustration, Ras Nene engaged in a fierce debate with the security personnel, asserting his rights as a public figure and an entertainer.

His aim was to emphasize the importance of equal treatment and fair opportunities for artists in the creative industry.

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