VIDEO: I can easily give out Ghc 50k – Fella Makafui reveals

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Fella Makafui has confidently asserted that GHC 50,000 is an insignificant amount for her and she could easily give it away without hesitation during an interview with Zionfelix.

The conversation revolved around Fella’s recent revelation about a former employee who allegedly disappeared with precisely GHC 50,000.

While sharing her emotional response, she clarified that her outburst was not primarily focused on the stolen money itself.

Instead, Fella’s anguish stemmed from the hurt caused by someone she had shown exceptional kindness to.

She had never anticipated such betrayal from an employee whom she had treated well.

Although she vented her frustrations due to the pain caused, she acknowledged that money is merely a material possession and she could effortlessly part with it for anyone deserving.

“The reason why I was venting was not even about the fact that she stole the money. It was about the fact that na me y3 no papa paa [I was good to her]. Like I was so good to her, so coming from someone like her, I was just hurt. I did not expect an employee that was so good to hurt you like that. I was venting out of pain but at the end of the day, it’s money. That money, I could dash it to anyone,” she said.

Zion Felix, surprised by her candid admission, probes further into her ability to part with such a substantial amount.

Fella confidently responds by highlighting that she has employees who receive significant payments.

To her, GHC 50,000 is not a sum to give away lightly. She believes that if one is blessed and financially capable, one can choose to be generous with their resources.

Fella’s comment was a response to a question posed by the blogger regarding her recent claim of an employee swindling her out of GHC 50,000, which she revealed on her Twitter page.

She provided additional insights into the situation, mentioning that the employee in question has been arrested.

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